Evermore Travel Candle Gift Set No.1

Evermore Travel Candle Gift Set No.1


Our popular gold travel candles are now available to buy as a gift set. Featuring our three festive fragrances - North, Grove & Ember - packaged up nice and neatly into a luxe black tube.


Introducing our exciting new Christmas candle, North. An accord blended with quintessential festive fragrances inspired by the North Star - frankincense, patchouli and myrrh - North beautifully captures the warmth and spirit of the season; finished with warm tobacco and spicy notes of cinnamon. 


An Evermore Candle Studio original inspired by the English countryside and the sacred groves of Celtic culture. This candle encapsulates the great outdoors - think morning walks and rain drenched forest floors. Pine essential oil is the base note for this woodsy fragrance, with middle notes of cedarwood and just a touch of sweet orange to bring it all together. 


Inspired by the memories from a special trip to Indonesia in 2011, let your senses take you far away with warm amber and Asian spices. Amber is known to balance emotions and clear the mind of negative energies. Clove essential oil provides the finishing touch, a nose tickling spice that will both rejuvenate and energise.

Burn time/candle: 15 hours approx
Weight/candle: 90ml

For orders of 15 units or over, please contact us directly - info@evermorelondon.com

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We use an organic coconut wax certified by the Soil Association in all of our candles. We use this wax as each element has been organically and sustainably sourced, whilst providing a cleaner and longer lasting burn than other waxes. Our candle are lovingly hand-poured in our East London studio, making sure each is perfectly-crafted and quality checked before it reaches your home. We are completely honest about everything that goes into our candles - sustainably sourced wax, organic essential oils, toxin-free perfume oils and soy wax coated cotton wicks. 


  • On your first candle burn, we highly recommend that you burn the candle for at least 3 hours. This allows the melt pool to reach all edges of the candle and avoids tunnelling. Tunneling, aside from being a funny word, is bad news for candles as it means you're not using up enough wax and you end up with a 'tunnel' effect running down the centre of your candle.
  • Always try to trim the tip of your wick between each light. This stops the flame from getting too big and will ensure you get the best results from your candle.
  • Never leave a candle burning in a room unattended or within the reach of children or pets.
  • Avoid leaving the candle burning once it's reached the bottom as the container could get quite hot.