Scents of Summer

Summer is finally here, the time where we gather together to enjoy the long, warm nights, eat great food, have great conversations and make great memories.

Al fresco dining is a wonderful way to bring people together in the summertime. Think of large sharing dishes, a jug of fresh sangria and an immaculately dressed table to set the ambience. This is the vision we had in mind when creating our newest candle ‘Light’.

Infused with grapefruit perfume oil, bergamot and petitgrain essential oils over a beautiful base of rosewood. Bright citrus notes energise and uplift, coming together to create a strong, summery fragrance that compliments the outdoors.

Candles are known for setting the scene. They have the power to change the mood and energy of their environment, with their strong scents having the ability to evoke memories. With ‘Light’ we wanted to create a candle that instantly transported you back to those long summer evenings each time you light it. 

Whether the sun shines or not, get your own dose of summer with our uplifting candle. You can shop it online here.

Sarah DeaneComment